Love is in the Air!!

Whether or not you celebrate St.Valentines day on February 14th, love and commercial buying will fill the air today. Lovers will delight in this day, while some will be sad that this day even exists. Being alone on St. Valentines day can be awful when you have so many gushing love birds in your mist. Try to take this day in stride, and LOVE yourself! Go out and buy yourself something nice, or get your hair/nails done. Buy yourself some cheap flowers and put them on your table. This will totally lift your spirits! Send a card or gift to someone else who is feeling down on this day. For those of you bursting with love sentiments I appreciate your enthusiasm. I also cherish everyday with my love ones and tell them often, therefore; everyday is Valentines day to us. Want to know more about the history behind St. Valentines day? Read More... 

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