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My name is Tina Holt and I am the owner of this brand new Coupon blog. I'm pretty excited to be doing this finally! My family & I reside in the beautiful Bluegrass state of Kentucky. I am a career mother of 5 children, & "Grandma" to 2 g-babies. I was a stay at home mom for 14yrs and decided after my divorce to go back school for Business & Office Systems Technology. Working part-time while going to school full time with 5 kids was a huge mountain to climb! Yep! I survived it,  & the hard work paid off when I landed a full time career as a Point person/Intake Specialist in a State office! I love my career, my awesome co-workers and I love meeting & helping a large diverse community of people everyday! Having a large family to provide for, I learned early on how to stretch every penny. I've been couponing sporadically for about 20 years. Couponing & being frugal have definitely brought me through some really tough times in my life.  Lately I've had many requests to show friends and family how I get such great deals, freebies, and win stuff through sweepstakes. So here I am...Well, enough about me!

Let me ask, Do you love to save money? Do you love shopping, finding great deals, getting those deep discount prices, & getting freebies in your mailbox? I know you do! Then keep reading... I've created THIS blog especially for YOU, to help YOU the reader understand & master the art of couponing & saving money.  After couponing "old school" style, about 3 years ago I found new savings tools to assist me in this venture. It's really no huge conspiracy secret, so I will share this with you. It's called: THE INTERNET! Yes! The internet holds an endless ocean of information, including ways to save your family money. Who would have thought it?!  Right? ☺ There are soooo many tools that I would love to show you in the future. Let it be known that I am new to the blogging world, so please be patient and kind as I learn here. Please keep your comments respectful. I am here to serve YOU, and to help YOU make the most out of your hard earned dollars. So please join me by: subscribing to our email, & join us on Facebook & Twitter too.
Furthermore, please see our "Coupon Guide" tab for more tips! I promise you won't be sorry you did, and your wallet will definitely thank you too!

Enjoy the savings and thanks for reading! ♥ ~Tina


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