Not Your Mom's Tupperware!

Not your Moms Tupperware!

Did you mom or Aunt have a cabinet full of Tupperware when you was growing up? Didn't everyone's? This stuff lasts for years! It durable and dishwasher safe. It wont shrink and leak like most of those cheap brand containers. Did you know they also sell things like knives, herb planter systems & cookware? I was totally shocked by this! It has come a long way from your moms Tupperware baby! I recently grabbed a flash giveaway on Facebook for a $10.00 credit from a very nice lady who sells Tupperware. I ordered a Squeeze it decorator to decorate cupcakes, or fill deviled eggs with. It will come in very handy! Let me tell you that she is super nice & her customer service and response time was impeccable!  If your interested please take a minute or 5 and drop by my new Tupperware dealer Sherry's site, and grab some stuff you like, and like her here on Facebook. Tell her Tina sent you. Who knows,  you might even run across a good flash giveaway too one day! 

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