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Have you heard of NOMORERACK? It's a great deal site where you can build a network of friends and enjoy some really cool free gifts as rewards for referring others. The great thing is, YOU'RE NEVER TRICKED INTO BUY ANYTHING! No credit card information needed either. Check out the testimonies below if you are skeptical. I know I was at first until I started hearing friends getting great deals and free merchandise just for referring their friends. Watch for the "insanity deals" too! These are so ridiculously low, that you wont me able to pass up on them.  

Insanity Deals Info:

  • Insanity deals going live at different times throughout the day!
  • Products you’re crazy for at completely absurd prices
  • Discounts always 80-95% off the regular retail price
  • Limited quantities that get snapped up faster than a crocodile’s dinner
Insanity Deals show up in place of regular deals in a purple box and disappear when they’re sold out. Check back regularly to see if you can bag yourself a mind-boggling bargain.

There also is FRIENDRACK 

What is it exactly?

 It's a new way for you to collect FREE products! What kind of Products? Well to name a few, IPad2, Nintendo WII, Kindle fire...sound nice? Notice that these can change at any time. So start soon! 
All you've got to do is invite your friends to join nomorerack! Best of all, your friends don't even need to make a purchase and there is no limit of many products you can win. It's that easy! Enjoy great new stuff - and guess what? You got it for free! Here's my link to get you started, then you start with your friends...Thanks and hope to see you soon in my friends list! <3

  1. STEP 1. Invite Friends with this unique referral link:
    My link
  2. STEP 2. Grab your unique referral link above.
  3. STEP 3. Email, Post, Twitter, Blog, and even call all your friends and family with your link daily.
  4. STEP 4. Make sure your family and friends register at nomorerack using your unique referral link to track your friend count!
Track your friend count at friendrack.com, see how many friends you've racked up and choose your prizes as you rack up your friends! Don't miss a day - Items change regularly & but don't worry, we're constantly adding great new products.
Easy as Pie! Join me today so we can start cashing in on some great free stuff! 

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