5 Confirmed Dead In Ky. Storms

Days like today can make a person feel lucky to be alive, yet so small, & so totally helpless from the wrath of
nature. Tornado's have ripped through my state killing, destroying, and leaving behind them a trail of sadness.
I look around and I feel blessed that my family came out unscathed, however I also feel sadness for those helpless souls
who are now displaced, have lost loved ones, & everything they own. Please keep everyone affected by this terrible
storm in your thoughts & prayers.

Read More here from WLWT News

5 Confirmed Dead In Ky. Storms - Cincinnati News Story - WLWT Cincinnati

If you are looking for a  loved one or want to register yourself in the areas impacted, visit http://www.cincinnatiredcross.org/ for more information.

Read more: http://www.wcpo.com/dpp/news/local_news/red-cross-accepting-donations-for-storm-victims#ixzz1o44StYE1

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